Mission Statement of Parish Council 2016-19: Our mission is to be a welcoming parish,to promote and encourage greater participation. Working in a spirit of co-operation, cultivating a love and respect for the Mass and sacraments and to continue to build a christian community of faith, hope and care for others. To endeavour to create and develop new ways to reach out. Foster a spirit of ecumenism and respect for people of other faiths. 'Being of one mind and heart on the way to God (Acts 4.32)

The first Parish Pastoral Council of Our Lady Crowned Church was formed in 2001 and it has grown and evolved in a positive way ever since. Our current parish council is now the sixth one in the period since 2001.


Back Row L to R:  Fr. Charlie Kiely (Pastoral Development Office), Derry McCarthy, Sr. Imelda Harrington, Betty Radley, John O'Gorman (chairman), Heidi Robertson, Fr. Michael Keohane,, Liam O'Donovan, Jim Twomey.

Front Row L to R: Mary Hurley, Mary Foley, Eileen O'Mahony, Bernadette Wallace (secretary), Tony Tracey, Aidan O'Shea.

Missing from photograph: Ruth McLaughlin, Bernard Gomis, Noreen Wills, Margaret O'Sullivan.


Parish Pastoral Council Members


John O'Gorman (Chairman)

Ruth McLaughlin

Bernadette Wallace (Secretary)

Mary Foley

Noreen Wills

Derry McCarthy

Jim Twomey

Bernard Gomis

Sr. Imelda Harrington

Mary Hurley

Tony Tracey

Fr. Michael Keohane

Margaret O'Sullivan

Heidi Robertson

Liam O'Donovan

Aidan O'Shea

Eileen O'Mahony

Betty Radley