Soon after his appointment as Bishop of Cork And Ross Bishop Cornelius Lucey embarked on an ambitious plan to build five new churches in the fast developing suburbs of Cork. The five new churches were to be named after the five Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary. They were as follows:

  1. Church of the Ascension, Gurranabraher (1955)
  2. Church of the Assumption, Ballyphehane (1956)
  3. Church of the Resurrection, Farranree (1958)
  4. Church of the Holy Spirit, Dennehy’ Cross (1960)
  5. Church of Our Lady Crowned, Mayfield  (1962)

Our Lady Crowned was therefore the completion of the circle of new churches around the city.   Controversy surrounded the citing of a number of the churches and Our Lady Crowned was no exception.  The city councillors were planning a new exit road from the city for the main Dublin Rd. and His Lordship was anxious that this new road should run in front of the proposed new church.  On this occasion he did not succeed.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to Timothy and Ellen Spillane who generously donated the site for the church.  Such was their generosity that when it came to building the presbyteries a number of years later they gave part of their front garden “willingly and without cost” to the parish.

The architect for Our Lady Crowned was Messrs Boyd Barrett and the building contractors were O’Regan and O’Leary who had successfully completed work on the church in Farranree.   The design of the church was an open plan cone shaped building with the altar placed at the apex of the cone and the roof sloping towards the sanctuary.  Progress on the building proceeded to plan until the roof stage was reached.  The roof was to be of concrete with steel interlacing.  Difficulties were encountered in completing the roof forcing the bankruptcy of the building contractor.  P.J. Hegarty & Co. completed the work and the church was opened for worship on June 10th,1962.


New Parish for Upper Mayfield.
On October 8th  1979 His Lordship Bishop Lucey decreed that the Parish of Upper Mayfield would be established.  The new parish would lead to a division of the existing parish of St. Patrick’s and to a limited extent Glanmire.
Priests who have ministered in Our Lady Crowned:-

  • Rev. Fr. Michael G. Kelleher, Priest in Charge
  • Rev. Fr. Jerome Kiely,  Assistant curate
  • Rev. Fr. Cornelius White,  Assistant curate
  • Rev. Fr. Michael Ryan,  C.C.
  • An tAth. Seán Mac Cárthaigh, S.C.
  • Rev. Fr. Joe Murphy, C.C.
  • Rev. Fr. Martin Keohane, C.C.
  • Very Rev. John F. Murphy, P.P.
  • Rev. Fr. John Kingston, C.C.
  • Canon Donal Linehan,  P.P.
  • Rev Fr Sean O'Connell CSSP
  • Rev, Fr. Alan O’Leary, C.C.
  • Rev. Fr. James McCarthy, C.C.
  • Rev. Fr. Daniel Crowley, C.C.
  • Rev. Fr. Con Twohig, C.C.
  • Rev. Fr. Tom Wade, SMA  C.C.
  • Rev. Fr. Denis O’Neill, C.C.
  • Very Rev. Noel O’Sullivan, P.P.
  • Rev. Fr. Chris O’Donovan, C.C.
  • Very Rev. Robert Young, P.P.
  • Rev. Fr. Pat O’Mahony SMA  C.C.
  • Very Rev Dr Aidan O'Driscoll, P.P.
  • Very Rev. Fr. Michael Keohane  P.P.
  • Rev. Fr. Rafal Zielonka C.C..

Deacons who have worked in the parish:-

  • Paul Glynn
  • Chris O'Donovan
  • Cian O'Sullivan