Our parish was saddened during the past week following the death of Fr. Donal O’Brien who lived on Gardiner’s Hill and who assisted regularly in Our Lady Crowned. Fr. Donal was ordained in 1969 and served in the diocese of Portsmouth until his retirement in 2005. Fr. Donal returned to Cork that year and became a very familiar face in the Mayfield area, most notably walking his dog along the Ballyhooley Road. Fr. Donal was a great help in Our Lady Crowned. He would regularly say Mass to assist the priests of the parish as well as hearing confessions when requested. He assisted in the Holy Week ceremonies and at Christmas as well. He attended 9.30am Mass each Sunday morning if he was not obliged to celebrate Mass in another parish. He was a dedicated priest who took great care in celebrating the sacraments. He also was a man of prayer quietly visiting Our Lady Crowned each afternoon to spend time with God. May he now enjoy rest from his labours in the company of the Lord whom he loved and served all his life. May he rest in peace.